Training Diary Pt.3

Minor tweaks make a difference

Two weeks is a long time in running and for me personally it saw a change towards the end of week 5 in how I planned my weeks. I did a blog post about switching to time on feet that you can read by clicking here.  By just adding an extra 5 minutes here and there the mileage has increased. I felt tired last week but I also knew I had planned my first rest week of the year after 6 weeks of building up a decent base.

For first time in a very long time I feel like I am ready to race which is good. I just need to remember not to over do it and be back at square one. Good thing is my life is pretty hectic what with work, college and also going through process of joining the Navy Reserves. I don’t have that much spare time and when I do I try to make most of my time with family. Hence reason I don’t race or train on a Saturday. It’s only day we all have free together.

Back to my recent training, the last blog post I wrote I was about 90% happy with how things were going, just lack of building the Sunday run. Well over past two weeks managed over 15 miles and increased my time on feet to 105 minutes. This will continue to build over the rest of the month and year….hopefully.

28th Jan: 4 miles @7:00/mi

Sub zero start to the week but some beautiful views. I always find the countryside very quiet when it is either freezing or it’s snowed. You can just get lost in your own thoughts.

28th Jan: 6 miles @7:06/mi

Enjoyable 2nd run today. New car arrived for wife and I’ve been accepted on a college course, so now on top of everything I have a year to pass my course after that I will be a qualified level 3 personal trainer.

29th Jan: 6.5 miles @7:23/mi

Damn! That was hilly. 843ft of elevation with most of that in first mile. However fantastic views when I got to top over looking the valleys.  I took to the hills as you can guarantee that those roads are gritted. As it was so cold I even went a bit off road and connected a few dots. I ended up running a bit further then planned so just cut mileage down later that day.

29th Jan: 3.5 miles @6:26/mi

Snow much fun. Short run as had a longer run this morning. Felt good so upped the pace. I’m a strong believer in running to feel and despite my morning exploits I felt good and enjoyed the blast on the treadmill.

30th Jan:  8 miles @6:28/mi

Tonight’s tempo run before heading to gym with wifey. Dropped off and ran trail back to Wortley. Was rather fun in places. Had to go outside as had major problems with my footpod it kept saying I was running at sub 4 pace. So scraped the treadmill and did my back up plan. I do need to get my regular speed session on a Wednesday sorted as had issues every week with footpod indoors. Changing to time of feet means even if the footpod does a wobble I will still be doing the full rep.

31st Jan: 5 miles @7:08/mi

-4’c when left house, I was on my own as daughter/wife spent another evening in hospital (long story). I find everything very quiet when it’s this cold. Allows you to just enjoy the run.

31st Jan: 5 miles @7:00/mi

2nd 5 mile run done. Not got any warmer. Tonight’s should be fun as it’s first time up to Leeds to for the Royal Navy Reserves.

1st Feb: 70 min progression run

First run of February and the switch over to time on feet rather then distance. 70 minute progression run. Slowly working through the gears. Splits; 7:14, 7:06, 6:56, 6:46, 6:34, 6:26, 6:18, 6:07, 5:58, 5:53 and then 5:43 pace for last 0.8. Felt good working to time rather then distance

3rd Feb: 100 mins @6:40/mi

Excellent long run today. 100 minutes on feet. Took on fuel every 3 miles and even had to stop for call of nature and then clawed the time back over rest of the run. Mentally it’s just what I needed today and finally back to 15 miles on a Sunday.

Week 5 mileage = 64

4th Feb: 30 mins @7:13/mi

First full week of time over distance, so it was a morning 30 minute recovery run. Up to Bolsterstone and back down. Ran on some new footpaths today which made the run very interesting. 45 minute run planned later.

4th Feb: 45 mins @7:18/mi

Nice as you feel 45 minutes this afternoon. Felt good to clear head after a day doing college work

5th Feb: 45 mins @7:05/mi

Morning run including a 2.5 mile climb from the local reservoir up to Bolsterstone. Really felt strong on the climb and showed as picked up some tough Strava segments. Adding more hill runs in as I want to build a stronger engine and the hills round here defo help!

5th Feb: 30 mins @7:04/mi

Second run today. Nothing fancy as legs feeling this mornings hilly run. Next up is my time trial tomorrow

6th Feb: 5k Time Trial – 15:54

February’s Time Trial. 20 minute warm up then 5k flat out and 20 minute cool down. This is my fastest every 5k time. Started strong then gave it everything in middle section then hung out my arse in final mile. Need to work on pacing but just wanted to see where I’m at speed wise. Plus I did a 20 minute warm up and cool down.

7th Feb: 35 mins @6:59/mi

‪35 minute run this morning. Felt comfortable back out again later for 40 mins ‬

7th Feb:40 mins @7:10/mi

Second run today tad slower but heart rate elevated so didn’t push it. Two long runs to do then first low mileage week of 2019 next week

8th Feb: 70 mins @6:21/mi

I got that #fridayfeeling with a strong 70 minute pyramid run increase pace every mile to 6 then gradually decreased it. In terms of effort that last few miles felt easy

10th Feb: 105 mins @6:50/mi

Today’s lumpy 15 miler. Up to Bolsterstone then resent to Midhope then along the valley bottom to Hillsboro Barracks. Happy with pace and added 5 minutes onto my long run as I continue to build my base mileage

Week 6 mileage = 66.5

A really good two weeks. Happy to have nailed 4 very good runs over 10 miles. Doing runs based on time is a massive change as instead of doing 4 miles I do 30 minutes so I’m getting a few extra minutes on each run and it all adds up come end of the week. As mentioned after this week I will switch my intervals from distance to time. So regardless of what the watch says my pace is, I will do the required time regardless. It just annoys me when I hit anything over 5:30 pace the footpod throws a wobbler and gives out some stupid data. Other then that I’m really happy with how training is going. Now spring is on the horizon I will look at races, my goals and what I want to do. Then see how it goes from there.



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