Training Diary Pt.2

January comes to a close

4 weeks into 2019 and it’s been a bit of a roller-coaster truth be told. Life etc would be easy if it was all plain sailing but then what would you actually learn? All month I’ve been wanting to get my long runs up over 15 miles but life has a way of getting in the way.

After beasting it over my birthday weekend and learning the hard way not to try two hard long run back to back I began week 3 keeping it easy. Then my daughter was taken ill on the Tuesday with suspected appendicitis and meant the rest of the week was a case of running round trips to hospital, it was like last year all over again. I will hold back on my views of the doctors at Sheffield Children’s as neither my wife or myself are happy with the lack of care my daughter has received over the past year. Anyway for training it meant Wednesday’s speed session went out the window and I just ran 8 miles when I had a window of opportunity.

Last week I was feeling under the weather and I don’t like to make excuses however, yesterday was the first time I didn’t complete a planned run for a while as I felt shocking, so had binned the run after 10 miles and then perked up in the afternoon so went out again. In the end got 15 miles for the day so turned out OK. I still want to get to a point where running 15/18 miles every week in one go feels as easy as 6 miles does. Good thing is there is no rush and no point in forcing the issue.ย  Here is my summary’s from each run for past two weeks;

14th Jan: 4 miles @7:13/mi

Easy(ish) start to the week. 2.5 mile up hill to Bolsterstone then a gradual descent back down again. Still very windy up top. Another easy 6 later and hopefully strava will get my run from yesterday sorted.

14th Jan – 6 miles @7:11/mi

2nd run for today done and getting into a good routine. Again kept things relatively easy to recover from back to back hard runs.

15th Jan – 6 miles @7:08/mi

Morning run up to Bolsterstone into strong head wind then a gradual descent down to reservoir and back along bottom home. Over 500ft of elevation in first 2km.

15th Jan – 4 miles @7:08/mi

Early evening run done at the gym. Again learnt from last week and kept it easy so Iโ€™m fresh for the big sessions later in the week.

16th Jan –ย  8 miles @ 7:20/mi

Due to daughters illness, lack of sleep and trips to the hospital. Had to squeeze in the 8 miles when I could. Dropped speed session in favor of easy run as didn’t want to push it on just 2 hours sleep.

17th Jan – 5 miles @7:04/mi

Sub zero start to Thursday. Felt good considering lack of sleep for two days as daughter had been in A&E with appendicitis. Nothing worse then seeing her in pain ๐Ÿ˜“

17th Jan – 5 miles @6:59/mi

Evening run, I increased pace just a tad from this morning. Again felt OK and using running to de-stress as worried about Molly

18th Jan – 10 miles @6:33/mi

Todayโ€™s medium long run. Alternating miles. Odd miles done at a steady pace then the even miles done at 10km pace. Average pace on odd miles 6:49/mi and even mile pace was 5:45/mi. Strava glitch had mile 5 at 9:21 when it should have been 6:54/mi. Then really need to get the moving time and elapsed time short for indoor/treadmill running.

20th Jan – 13 miles @6:48/mi

Steady run from home to see my daughter who still in hospital for a 5th day and still no closer to an answer. Run help cleared my head as frustrated with everything

Week 3 mileage = 61


21st Jan – 4 miles @7:15/mi

Recovery run after a week of frustration and battling the doctors only to once again be right. Now to get the young lady better again

21st Jan – 6 miles @7:03/mi

42 minutes of pure punk rock class from Bowling For Soup latest live album. Could have run all day as was zoned out and back at last years concert

22nd Jan – 4 miles @6:55/mi

Change of plans due to weather. Hit treadmill this morning and hoping to get outside for 6 later.

22nd Jan – 6 miles @6:55/mi

Managed to get out between snow showers. Almost got flattened by a twat of a driver on wrong side of road and attached a few segments as well.

23rd Jan – 6 x 1400m (90s rec)

Tonightโ€™s interval session. Tried a different distance with target to run them under 5:00 per rep. Grew into the session with splits as follows; 4:58, 4:59, 4:58, 5:56, 4:55, 4:56. Really tough session but glad to get it in the bank.

24th Jan – 5 miles @7:09/mi

Morning recovery run. Still like an ice skating rink outside. Hit the treadmill and will do a further 5 outside later

24th Jan – 5 miles @6:47/mi

Loving the new loop bow the new paths are fully open. A bit lumpy but ended up flying down the descents

25th Jan –ย ย 10 miles @7:13/mi

Another decent day 10 in the bag. Very hilly first half with head wind as ran out to Upper Midhope, then a very enjoyable run back down Into the valley.

27th Jan –ย 10 miles @6:54/mi

Not a good day at the office, so to speak. Plan was 13 but feeling under the weather. So swapped to 5 miles easy and 5 mile tempo. Depending on how I feel later, will try and do a further 3 miles but won’t push it. This time also includes 2 mins I lost for toilet, seen as Strava still insists on not fixing the data recording glitches for treadmills.

27th Jan – 5 miles @6:53/mi

This mornings run felt crap and mentally it was a struggle. So chilled out with family and went out again this afternoon and plan was to do 3 miles to round up to planned weekly mileage but was enjoying myself so did a further 2 miles to give me 15 for the day. Finished week on a high in the end.

Week 4 mileage = 63

So another 2 weeks of 60+ miles done. Had some good runs and some not so good runs. I’ve been enjoying running some new routes even though they include some serious elevation. I missed a speed session and then I felt last weeks was harder then it should have been but I know how crazy the last few weeks have been with firstly Molly being ill and back in and out of hospital and then last week losing our car. New one arrives today ๐Ÿ™‚ It’s been stressful and it soon catches up with you. Heading into Feb, I still want to increase the mileage on a Sunday but I find long runs boring. However I do know its something I will overcome eventually. This year is all about rebuilding and do things right and at the right times.

With no racing I don’t feel the need to drop the mileage and have what you’d call a cut back week, So after hitting 63 miles, I now have to equal it or better this week. So Sunday I will aim to do 15 miles, or a combination of 15 miles. So 10 and 5 or 12 and 3. Will see how the week pans out. As I continue to build, my aim for this year is to hit the magic 100 miles in a week. It’s always been a goal of mine. Again I will take it 1 week at a time and tweak as I go. At the moment the basic week is working. The only thing that might change is how Thursday’s work as I maybe tied up most evening soon, if things go to plan.



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