Target Races 2019

Putting down my target race plans

So after coming off last weeks two races (+1 social “race) and now knowing I want to get back into regular racing, I felt it would be prudent to actually put a plan together. This includes not over racing and targeting actual races. This week it just so happens that I caught my first cold in donkeys so taking a few days off instead of trying to run through it and making it worse (learnt this lesson the hard way). What it has done has allowed me to look at my first “A” race and that will be the Chester HM in May which is 8 weeks Sunday. I have planned an 8 week block leading up to that. Last time I targeted Chester I ran sub 80. Now not set myself a target as it will be only my 2nd half marathon since January 2017, so very rusty at that distance. I have also picked a tune up race at the half way point.

I’ve then penciled in a race every 4 weeks, working to guideline 3 training weeks then either a cut back week with a tune up race or a taper week with a target race (only exception is July as the target race I want to do is a week earlier but then I have 5 weeks till my next race and back to my 4 week guideline) . I sat yesterday going through various race websites and came up with a rough list of races. Keep to the rules I set earlier in the year; keeping Saturday free, road only races and trying to cover all the distances from 5km to HM. It means hopefully by the end of 2019 I would have raced my 5 main distances at least twice. I’d like to get a mile race in at some point but only if can find a road one and works on a free date. Mid-weeks I’m limited to Tuesday/Thursday nights, which has allowed me to pick some of the York 5k races. I have not signed up for any track races and no plans on doing any track races either, as unable to get to locations I would race, or fall on nights I can’t attend and this year road races and my long runs on Sunday come before track.

These are my provisional target races and tune up/secondary races. This list does not include events like the Yorkshire Chocathon I did yesterday and I have learnt not to plan too far ahead as plans can change.

  • 31st March – Elvington Flyer 5
  • 21st April – Hale Village 5
  • 19th May – Chester HM (A race)
  • 16th June – Fathers Day 10K
  • 7th July –  Leeds 10K

As well as that I aim to do the York 5k race on the following dates:

  • 11th April
  • 12th September
  • 10th October
  • 14th November

These are subject to the following conditions; my daughter being ok, no other family issues, other personal commitments (work, college, navy etc) and the race not selling out before I can enter. Should a race sell out I will look to replace the race with a different one on the same date. The personal goal is firstly to beat the times I set myself earlier this month, then hopefully look at trying to equal or beat my best times at each distance. As well as building up a consistent training programme over the year. It helps now knowing which races I am targeting and when my holidays are etc. Hopefully I will have my best year of racing since at least 2016 or my best ever if everything slots into place.


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  1. Good luck Rich. Well done for recognising when you needed a break. Hope you’re back enjoying it this year.

    1. Thanks Tim, I learnt the hard way Truth is I needed a break a few years back and was in a hole from April 2017 onwards. Hope all is well, I enjoyed your Road Relay report very entertaining.

  2. You were asking about mile races. Not sure if you can get to Lincoln on a Tuesday evening but the LWAC summer series might work – see RunBritain – they’ve added a mile race to the 5k this year.

    1. Thanks Peter. I’d love to do those races but I don’t drive so restricted to where and when I can race. My wife usually drives but she works till 6 Mon-Fri so again it restricts my ability to race midweek. Shame as I’ve always fancied a pop at the 5K there as well.

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