New month and a complete relaunch.

Welcome to my brand new blog. It has taken a week longer then expect but I wanted to get the look just right. The new blog rolls out along side everything else. I made the decision that the 1st of October would become ground zero for me and be the restart of a lot of things both on and off line. All my social media accounts have been deleted and new ones launched. For a long while I’ve been for want of a better word, lost and not been happy with a lot of things, especially with my running. I wasn’t enjoy racing and if I’m putting my cards on the table I’ve not enjoyed a race since the St.Valentines 30k in Feb 2017. Since then I felt everything has been on a downward spiral. Yes I’ve had moments where I’ve won something or ran a fast time but those moments only papered over the very large cracks that had begun to appear and with everything that’s happened in 2018 things have only gotten worse.

A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.

So last month I finally had a moment of clarity while decorating and finally did what I knew I should’ve done a long time ago and take a massive step back from everything and look at what was causing me, the stress and issues. While a lot was self inflicted, the pressure to always perform at races. I also felt I had this public image to uphold and I felt like I wasn’t being me and being true to myself. Racing had gone from something that drove me and fuelled my passion to a noose around my neck, the social media profile that went a long side it meant I felt like I couldn’t have a bad moment, or be honest and say “you know not what, right now racing sucks!” etc. I love running and always said if I stopped or didn’t enjoy something I wouldn’t do it. Hence why I don’t do trail or fell running as I don’t like it. Yet I have not enjoyed racing as I said for a long time but kept doing it. However as of 1st of October things changed!

No more races or recording running for the rest of 2018. Running for now is firstly about finding my spark and love, then building a solid winter base. Then going forward when I know in my head I’m ready to lace up my racing shoes I will train and only race target races and limit the amount of races I do. For someone who over the years has done over 200 races I think I’m all raced out and need to really recharge and think about which races I do, the reason  behind that race etc. With me taking a step back from the racing spotlight, I did the same with social media. I wanted to get rid of the old me so to speak and take my profiles back to what they were originally intended for and that’s to showcase me as both the good, the bad and the ugly. So below is my new social profiles. Links can be found in the top menu of the new website. On majority of platforms I will also be covering other parts of my day to day life.

This is also where the new blog is different, for me the blogs I’ve had have always been a sort of personal diary and my view on how my training is going and my view point of races. Well I will also start covering other passions of mine. Firstly I will be bringing you the same running articles as before but now I will also be posting LEGO articles, covering what projects and builds I’ve been working on at work. Plus I will be reviewing coffee shops I visit. Plus a whole lot more as I being the process of rebuilding. One thing I won’t be covering is anything before 1st of October with regards to running. I’m looking to the future and as I’ve said the 1st was ground zero.

Currently you will see each major category have a place holder article. This was done just so I could get the layout correct before going live. These will disappear over time when I replace them with new articles.


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    1. Hello Chris, I’ve sent you a detail email as felt it was easier. I will also be making a statement regarding the challenge soon as I have gotten a few emails back. With regards to donations. The only donations made this year to my JustGiving or Virgin Money Giving accounts were for the LEGO Minifigures. Everyone received their minifigures and after costs the profits were donated to the Childrens Hospital Charity via Virgin Money Giving. This was done earlier this year and I informed everyone either in person or via social media.

      I’ve kept records of the minifigures costs etc, so everyone was above board.

      This time the challenge became too much. After my daughter was taken Ill and the challenge not starting till May I should have made decision then not to start it but I let my heart rule my head. Then by September it meat racing every weekend and mentally and physically I was done. It’s not a decision I took lightly and feel like i have let a lot of people down.

      1. Hi Richard. Thanks for the email – you must be confusing me with someone else you know of the same name as I don’t know you – I only read your blogs. You have been a massive inspiration to me and I enjoyed following your journey. Sorry if you didn’t like me asking about the challenge I was just curious to know what was happening with it now. Anyway it doesn’t matter. Take a well earned rest, chill out and I hope you get back to enjoying your running again. Happy running and all the very best for the future.

        1. Hi Chris, Yes I had confused you with someone from an old club with exactly same name, my apologies. Now I have correspondence from both companies who supported me I will be making a statement

          1. Oh I am very sorry to cause confusion. I wish you every bit of luck and happiness in the future.

          2. You obviously don’t realise the amount of money Rich has raised over the past few years for both the NSPCC and Children’s hospital.
            But is this only about the money?
            Rich goes out of the house most mornings at the crack of dawn to train and then again in the evening after work.
            Luckily the Minifigures were a huge success and as Rich has said the money was donated but unfortunately Rich hasn’t received any donations at all this year for any of the races he has done.
            There is only so much you can ask of people to donate before it becomes too much.
            We know first hand what the Children’s hospital charity does for patients and parents and as a family will continue to show our appreciation but Rich won’t be doing it through running.
            It makes me sad and angry if i’m honest that all people seem to care about is the money.
            Rich is amazing, he didn’t have to do these challenges but he has done and I want him to be proud of what he has achieved for two amazing charities, but now it’s time for him to be selfish and take time for himself.

    1. I’m will be making a full statement regarding this years challenge, once I’ve gotten a statement from those that supported my challenge. Should be in next day.

  1. As your wife, obviously I see what goes on and happens behind the scenes. I know how much you enjoy running but I also know that the spark you had fizzled out. We had a lot to deal with at the beginning of this year, something I wouldn’t wish any parent to go through, but I feel it gave us a massive wake up call.
    Your body is an incredible thing, but it will only do so much before enough is enough.
    There becomes a time in your life when you have to stop and re-evaluate. You are extremely lucky that you are able to do this and also have plenty of time to race the races you have planned. Rome wasn’t built in a day and I really admire you for publicly talking about how you feel and your future plans.
    I will support you in every decision you make and be with you every step of the way #TeamHayes

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