New name heading into 2019

If you’ve come to this site looking for the Mohican Runner then you are in the right place. Welcome to my new alias for social media going forward. I had considered a new name when I relaunched back in October but at the time I thought it was too much all at once. Having stopped my challenge, stopped racing for the rest of 2018 and reset all my social media, I felt also renaming would be a step too far at the time.

I had switched names back in 2016 to runs4caffiene but then the hair came back and so did the Mohican Runner brand. However, the hair is still here but much shorter but with 2018 coming to a close, I felt that I need to break away from the Mohican Runner name. I still feel while I’m known as the Mohican Runner, I will be associated with fundraising and while I’m proud of what I did for both the NSPCC and The Children’s Hospital, it’s in the past and I want to start 2019 with a complete clean slate.

So when picking the name, I considered a few names but in the end opted for Hazey Runz. This is similar with my wife’s business name of Hazey Dayz Childminding. It’s basically my surname and I run but I feel it works. To go with the rename, the site has had a natural black,gray and white colour. The reason is I’m embracing my Navy roots. I’ve been exploring the possibility of re-joining the Navy as a reservist. I loved my time in the Navy and still feel like I have unfinished business. Plus I have done the whole club scene now and gone from one club to another and never felt at home at any club. I always wondered why and it’s because I was looking for the same sort of brotherhood I had when I was in the Navy but I never found it. Plus I’m not a person to be sociable to people who the rest of time I would not associate with, I don’t like fake people, or being in a “click” and looking back, it’s why I’ve never really found a club as I’m too much of a lone wolf.

So the now forwards to this website and on all social media platforms you will find me as hazeyrunz:


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