Preview of the Gnome Roam

First tune up event

With the challenge less then 4 months away, training is finally heading in the right direction after a few injuries since May (my own fault). Sunday is the first warm up event of the challenge, it’s run by the same company that is hosting my two challenge races, Saxons, Vikings and Normans. They specialise in multiple hour events.

With this challenge it is way outside my comfort zone. I don’t do long distance and the longest I’ve ever run for is my 2015 marathon and only run/hobbled over 3 hours twice in my life. So to run for 6 hours twice will be a staggering feet. At the moment my goal for the challenge would be to hit around 80 miles, 40 miles a day. Now if I raced one event I would know with the correct training I would target 50k in around 4 hours so by slowing down A LOT I think 40 miles in 6 hours is a possible decent target. This is 9:00/mi pace bare in mind I usually do my easy long runs 90s faster.

To Sunday, it’s a 6 hour timed event down in Northampton. Conditions are expected to be warm with it starting at 9:00am so good practice. The course is 45% on high quality tarmac paths, 55% on grassy trail so will be better then all road for the old legs. The aim is to clock a minimum of 3 hours at around 9:00/mi pace. The course is essentially a long straight cycle path and a long loop around a flood storage reservoir alongside the River Nene on a 5.17 mile loop. Sunday will be a good chance to practice fuelling on the go, keep feet clean and dry. Plus it will give me a better idea of where I’m at and what needs to be done in training over the next few months.

A massive thanks to Fullam Ketch Fitness for covering my entry free and to Polar UK who have provided me a watch to keep track of the miles over the course of the event. Please keep an eye on Theo’s endure social media accounts as my wife will be covering the event as it unfolds.


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