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Plans change but believe in the process

So I sit in the new gym between clients writing this, as it currently stands I won’t be towing the line on Sunday at Chester. While my original target race was Chester, things don’t always go the way you plan. When I set my original goal I had not planned on doing either the Spring Challenge or the Punk Run and even when I entered them my plan was to go easy at the Punk Run, but instead I ran one of my fastest ever half marathon times. Plus, this week I have felt very tired this is a combination of the new job and getting used to being a lot more active than I’ve been in the past.

My previous job would be pretty much sat at an office desk, however, now I’m doing a lot with my clients and very hands on. This means when I set my clients exercises I end up doing it with them. This is because I’m a firm believer of leading by example. The clients respond better as well. So it means my body is taking a bit of adjusting plus I’ve raced hard over two weekends.

Those who are regulars will remember me writing about keeping to every 4 weeks with races and hand on my heart when I wrote it I meant it, but this year I’ve discovered two excellent groups of people. See York Run York and Saxon, Vikings and Norman’s. Both arrange amazing races and no matter who you are or what sort of runner you are they welcome you. I’ve done 4 races from them now and those 4 races I’ve had some of my most enjoyable racing experiences over the past few years. I’ve also become part of Mega Marathoners club that’s run by the SVN team. I’ve joined at the 25 half marathon level and those of you who’ve done multiple half’s and marathons should check them out.

Discovering them has been a relaxation and I’ve made a lot of new friends from these events. I’ve now found myself drawn to doing more of their races, hence why I did the Spring Challenge and the Punk Run on back to back weekends. I raced them both hard, came away with two wins, a personal best at 25k and a season best half marathon which was my fastest half marathon since January 2017.

However, I’ve felt it this week and taken a recovery week to give my body some much needed down time. I’ve dropped my speed sessions and just ticking over during the week. On top of that after last year I made a decision that I would not over race, not over do it and not race in hot conditions if I was chasing a time. I know now without a period of acclimatization I struggle to maintain a pace for long periods. Look at North Lincs HM last year for example. Anything up to 5k I can do but anything over I know it’s a battle. There is no point busting my ass and finishing despondent when I know I can be patient and pick a race later in the year in more suitable conditions. I managed to get away with it at Hale last month, and at the moment conditions Sunday are looking like it could easily be a warm day and knowing the course, it’s got long sections that there is no hiding if the sun is out.

Finally as I started my new job I’ve yet to take a wage so I’m having to budget my money till the end of the month and Chester I’m looking at £80 fuel bill which is a big chunk of my budget. So I have to consider everything else over racing. Had it fallen a couple of weeks later or June, it would not have been a problem.

I’ve been rambling but these blogs are more for me to get my own thoughts down on paper. Basically due to racing hard, the predicted hot conditions and tight budget, I won’t be racing Chester. Instead I will take the rest of the week easy and start phase 2 of my training on Monday.

Coming up I will post my Punk Run report and my phase 1 training blog. Going forward I will be changing my training to fit round my new shifts and also be looking at races going forward. The aim is again to try and stick to 3 weeks of building and 1 week easy. I want to build the weekly mileage to 75 per week, build my long runs up to over 20 miles and improve my speed endurance. I want to keep working, building the endurance up during 2019 and think I’m already in a better place now then I’ve ever been in terms of endurance but still a long way from where I want to be.


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  1. This is what I love about you. If something isn’t working we are able to discuss it and you change your training to suite you.
    We know first hand how short life can be, so we’re living it to the MAX! I love how your willing to try new things, but are also not afraid to say when something isn’t going right. I think that’s where some people go wrong in their running careers, they’re too scared to change and go out their comfort zones!

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