New Section – The Vault

Old articles, press cuttings etc

With this being a new site, there will be some of you unfamiliar with my past exploits. So I’ve come up with a new section called the Vault. In this section, I will post old articles from my old website(s) (including mohican runner, runs4caffeine and 13inthirteen, as well as from other websites that has happened over the years.  Hopefully I will add as many articles, posts etc from the past 6 years as possible.

If you know of any article that’s missing that you think should be added, please let me know below. This section will be populated very fast with articles as already got a few dozen that I think warrant adding sooner rather then later.

Thank god for websites such as the Wayback Machine, allowing me to pull old articles of my old blogs as I didn’t save local copies on my laptops.


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