Moving into February

Time on Feet

Moving into February I’m going to make some slight tweaks to training. I’ve found that when I do my longer runs, especially when indoors it easier to run based on time and not by distance. For some reason mentally I find it easier knowing no matter how fast or how many mile I cover that I have a set time limit. When you can see a timer its easier to know how long you’ve got and I can then break the time down into 10 and 5 minute segments. For me its so much easier to know I’ve only 30 minutes left for example. Mentally it’s so much easier. For me long runs are hard not physically but mentally. Running indoors is helping to slowly improve my mental strength and when I look back at my 2.5 marathon attempts, my head has gone long before my legs and that’s what has cost me.

I made the switch today and while it’s not going to make much of a difference most of the week, my Friday and Sunday sessions should see changes. Also I do my speed sessions on indoor track and rely on footpod but It’s been known in past to throw a wobble when I run flat out. This then throws my watch out, saying I’m running world record sub 4 pace when I’m not. So if I switch to reps based on time instead of distance. I know that I have done the correct time regardless if the footpod/watch have had a wobble. So for example instead of doing 6 x 1200 I switch to 6 by 4 mins and I know then I’ve covered the 28 minutes at pace rather then watch saying I’ve done 7.2K when in fact because of the wobble I might have done only 7k.

As the saying goes “It’s all about time on feet”

Sunday I aim to do 100 minutes or 1 hour and 40 and then I will look to build up in 5 minute increments.

Here is a look at my old week and my new week side by side:


  • Mon AM 4 miles / PM 6 miles
  • Tue AM 6 miles / PM 4 miles
  • Weds Interval sessions (eg 8 x 1k off 90s)
  • Thu AM 5 miles / PM 5 miles
  • Fri 10 miles
  • Sat Rest
  • Sun 13 miles plus


  • Mon AM 30 minutes / PM 45 minutes
  • Tue AM 45 minutes / PM 30 minutes
  • Weds Interval sessions (eg 10 x 3:00 off 90s)
  • Thu AM 35 minutes / PM 35 minutes
  • Fri 70 minutes +
  • Sat Rest
  • Sun 90 minutes +

+ This means each week I aim to build up in 5 minute increments. Mon, Tue and Thu will stay same for February. Then here is a rough idea of some ideas for my Wednesday sessions

  • 10 x 3:00 minutes (90s rec) (Total 30 mins)
  • 6 x 5:00 (90s rec) (Total 30 mins)
  • 5 x 6:00 (90s rec) (Total 30 mins)
  • 3 x 10:00 (2:00 rec) (Total 30 mins)
  • 8 x 4:00 (90s rec) (Total 32 mins)
  • 4 x 8:00 (2:00 rec) (Total 32 mins)
  • 5 x 7:00 (2:00 rec) (Total 35 mins)

As you can see these reps are like doing 1000m, 1200m, 1 mile, 2000m, 3000m reps etc. But inside these I think will be better suited rather then distance where its open corrupt footpod readings.

Finally I have got the itch to race again and have my eye on a race during February but this is all dependent on weather and if I’m ready…….


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