Childline Number – LEGO Style

Stop - Motion Video

This article was originally posted ob my old charity website back on 10/12/2013

Last week I was invited down to the NSPCC HQ in London for a top secret project. Anyway the secret project involved LEGO. I was asked if I could create the childline number in LEGO, this number is for children and adults to ring if they have any issues at home be it physical, verbal, sexual abuse or any other issues. It sees a massive increase in calls at Xmas and as such the charity try and highlight the number. The number is 8000 1111 and at first I did it all in green to match the colour of the charity but we decided to do multi colour to appeal to kids.

We then spent the day filming a stop motion video of the number being built and minifigures celebrating on top. What is clever about the video is we did it in reverse, so without any further haste here is the Childline number in LEGO, please like and share:


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