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Awesome Virtual Running September Review

Looking at Septembers virtual medal

The second medal review is from Awesome Virtual Running. I was an ambassador for 2017 till August of this year. I have been doing their monthly challenges now since January 2016 and completed every month so far. One of the things that appealed to me at the time was if you did all 12 you got a bonus 13th medal. However I’ve always had an issue with how long and how that bonus medal was handled. But that’s just down to a different opinion.

Tony who runs Awesome Virtual Running has designed some cracking medals over the past few years.For me it was always good to get a medal for my training miles. However hitting 100 miles is no longer a challenge as I do that in less then 14 days now, so it no longer was a challenge and another reason I lost my enthusiasm for the challenges.

This year they introduced a 4 part run the year medal, It’s massive and will look awesome when it’s complete and it’s the reason for me continuing with the monthly medals. It should be worth mentioning I’m still waiting for Augusts medal, despite email, Facebook messaging and Tweeting the social media guys, Plus offered to pay for it again. As I now have a gap in my collection!

Today i’m going to look at Septembers medal.

Official Description

Welcome to the September 100 Mile Challenge. The Best Of The Best!

Your Awesome Medal reward now includes a free Runners Art Print download once you have entered.

I feel the need, the need for speed! Lets get some Top Running in during September and get our running goals smashed.

Take part as a solo runner and complete the miles on your own or in a team and share the miles with your running buddies. Run at your own pace, when you want, where you want. From beginners to club runners, no matter how far or fast you run this is for you. Remember you get the full month to complete the challenge!

Best of luck and Happy Awesome Running

Team Awesome

Sign up process

The site is slick and very easy. I know this as I helped give feedback during the construction of the new site. When you visit the site. You pick the races/challenges from the main menu and then click on the medal you want to enter. You can enter previous months and future months. Septembers is still on there and costs £12.00. This is the going rate for a virtual medal. I remember when they first started it was £10 but production costs have gone up. I know Awesome Running and other races organisers have had major issues this year with a certain medal supplier, meaning a lot of medals were late and some have had to move to other companies to supply them.

Add the amount of medals to your shopping cart. You can either continue shopping or checkout, then fill in your shipping details and good news is in the UK it is free shipping. Again the company uses paypal and you can checkout without needing to be part of paypal. The checkout process from here on in is the same as any other site using paypal checkout. you then receive confirmation email and receipt from paypal. Save both just in case.

Completing the Challenge/submitting Evidence

The monthly challenges are simply complete 100 miles. Now this is where my views differ from others. It’s supposed to be a run challenge, so for me that means actually running…. However I remember when I was an ambassador the amount of people wanting to walk it or complete it via other means was shocking. (This is why I dislike what parkrun has become and will never do another but that’s again me having a different point of view) So for me I hit 100 miles within 14 days of September starting.

However I always wait till back-end of the month, then I take a screen shot of my month training on Strava. Anyone who is even new to running should easily be able to hit 25 miles a week, even if you are doing 3 days a week. 2 runs during the week then a long run you can easily cover 25 miles. For me the challenge is to hit 100 mile weeks.!

Screenshot saved, you then head back to the website and click submit your evidence page. Then follow the simple steps as stated on the website:

  • Please supply the name and email address you used when signing up to the challenge.
  • Fill out the simple form below and upload your running evidence.
  • After hitting the submit button please read the on-screen information regarding medal delivery – its that simple!

Once done you will receive a confirmation email and then when the medal has been posted a future email from paypal notifying you a package is on the way. It could not be more easy. Again I know how much of a headache the end of the month is because the amount of people incapable of doing simple tasks is incredible! Majority of the time it is because they don’t read the instructions. I must admit it’s a lot easier now then when you had to email in your evidence.

The medal

This months medal is subtitled “Best of the Best” and is themed off the Top Gun Movie logo and has the same logo but says ‘Top Run’, with awesome logo on the bottom of the engines. They are not the first company to do a Top Gun themed medal with Phoenix Running just one who’ve also done similar. Now copyright issues aside, I do like this medal. I’m a massive fan of the film so this medal is up there as one of my personal favs. Only thing is it’s one sided with the back completely plain.

The medal is done on polished metal with the lettering with colour in it to give the medal 3D effect. The medal ribbon though isn’t as good. I can see what they were trying to do but for me it doesn’t work. On the ribbon you have the Top Run and September 2018 wording repeating in white. In the background you have a fighter jet with multi coloured exhaust fumes but it’s too much and doesn’t fit with the medal. I would have gone for a more military style ribbon.

Overall Thoughts

£12 for a medal from an iconic movie isn’t bad. I like the medal but as I said the challenge of hitting 100 miles a month isn’t there anymore for me. I think you should be able to pick your target mileage for the year, or have a drop down option. So you could pick from 100, 250, 500 for example. Then for the more experienced runners who want a challenge they have it, while at the same time it still appeals to those still building up to 100 miles a month. The sign up process is simple and submitting evidence is excellent.

One thing good about Awesome Running is the quality of their social media presence and that’s down to their ambassadors who work tirelessly keeping their community happy and motivated. So if you think 100 miles is a worthy challenge then checkout their November and December medals. Both look fantastic.

My Ratings

Difficulty of Challenge

A nice medal but a hassle to get and felt like I was in the wrong. Left a sour taste in my mouth

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