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Awesome Virtual Running October Review

Looking at Octobers virtual medal

The second medal review from Awesome Virtual Running. This finally arrived on Monday. This was after 2 Facebook messages and one email. At the same time my August medal finally arrived! I’ve been chasing this since I stepped down as an Ambassador. Since I left I’ve had to push and push to receive the medals. Which is a real shame and has left a sour taste in my mouth. When I stepped down I offered to pay on numerous occasions (and several times while chasing up) for the final 5 month medals and the last 2 parts of the run the year medal.

After finally getting a response to my email, I now have to pay for the November and December should I want them. I’ve no problem with this and hopefully I will be treated like any other paying customer! Frankly I just want to complete this years collection and the run the year medal and then I will look else where for monthly challenges.

Official Description

Welcome to the October 100 Mile Solo & Team Challenge. Halloween Spooktacular! + Free Download Wall Art Finishers Poster!

It’s the spookiest month of the year so run for your life and get rewarded with our Awesome Medal.

Run at your own pace, when you want, where you want. From beginners to club runners to parkrunners, no matter how far or fast you run this is for you. Remember you get the full month to complete the challenge!

Take part as a solo runner and complete the miles on your own or in a team and share the miles with your running buddies. For anyone wishing to take part as a team runner but cannot form a team then we have that covered for you. You can join “Team Awesome” The distance you will be required to run during any of the monthly 100 mile challenges is a minimum of 20 miles during whichever month you enter for. You enter the same way as everyone but when the time comes to claim your medal you simply select the “Team” option from the menu.

Its over to you, be Awesome and get running.

Run, Run for your life!

Team Awesome

Sign up process

The site is slick and very easy. I know this as I helped give feedback during the construction of the new site, however, I’ve noticed a few pages have been cloned and not fully edited so the headers are incorrect. You pick the races/challenges from the main menu and then click on the medal you want to enter. You can enter previous months (depending on quantity left) and future months. Octobers is still on there and costs £12.00. This is the standard rate for a virtual medal. I remember when they first started it was £10 but production costs have gone up.

Add the amount of medals to your shopping cart. You can either continue shopping or checkout, then fill in your shipping details and good news is in the UK it is free shipping. Again the company uses paypal and you can checkout without needing to be part of paypal. The checkout process from here on in is the same as any other site using paypal checkout. You then receive confirmation email and receipt from paypal. Save both just in case.

Completing the Challenge/submitting Evidence

The monthly challenges are simply complete 100 miles at your own pace. For me 100 miles is covered in about 10 days, my personal goal is to hit 100 mile weeks. I know the best of the best all do over 100 mile weeks. Personally I’m slowly building the weekly mileage up. I’m up to 60+ this month.

Despite hitting my monthly target within days, I always wait till the back end of the month then I take a screen shot of my month training on Strava. Anyone who is even new to running should easily be able to hit 25 miles a week, even if you are doing 3 days a week. 2 runs during the week then a long run you can easily cover 25 miles.

Screenshot saved, you then head back to the website and click submit your evidence page. Then follow the simple steps as stated on the website:

  • Please supply the name and email address you used when signing up to the challenge.
  • Fill out the simple form below and upload your running evidence.
  • After hitting the submit button please read the on-screen information regarding medal delivery – its that simple!

Once done you will receive a confirmation email and then when the medal has been posted a future email from paypal notifying you a package is on the way. It could not be more easy.  (however I’ve not been receiving shipping emails, but as mentioned I think this is just a personal thing) I know the end of the month is crazy for the team as the amount of issues with submitting evidence is unreal, makes you wonder how these people manage to complete a run as some seem incapable of doing anything without having their hand held every step of the way.

The medal

I’m not a fan of Octobers medal, for me it’s should be more Halloween themed then it actually is. This month the main colour is purple. I can see how the concept is supposed to be spooky but for me feels more like a pirate themed medal. The skull with the laces behind acting as crossbones, makes me think of Goonies. Inside the open mouth is skeletons running. I do like the laces acting as bones with the sunk metal coloured purple.

The ribbon ties in nicely with the medal with same colour, with the skull, October 100 mile challenge and Awesomes logo repeating on both sides of the ribbon. The back of the medal is plain

Overall Thoughts

I want to be positive but the hassle actually getting it as I’ve previously mentioned left a sour taste and the past few months has undone 2 years of goodwill and friendship I built up with Awesome Running. I left due to a difference on opinion. It’s a real shame as Novembers and Decembers medals look ace but I’m concerned if I pay for them, that they won’t actually turn up. Fair enough I received this medal for free, bare in mind I offered to pay, so be interesting if I become a paying customer, if my own personal experiences improve or not.

The medal for me isn’t my fav but I said as much when I saw it back in August. I preferred Novembers and Decembers but I think that’s more of personal taste. The quality is still there you would come to expect from Awesome Running.

Hopefully things will improve from a personal view point.

My Ratings

Difficulty of Challenge

Not a medal I'm a fan off. I can understand the concept but for me it fails to work.

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