18 in 2018 Challenge

The final charity challenge

“It is going to be a tough challenge but I am determined to achieve it and make sure I stay fit and well over the next twelve months.“I am really focussed on achieving the best possible times at each race and raising as much money as possible for a charity that helped me and does so much to help children and young people.“I am over the moon to have the support of the Dransfield team on this journey and I’ll certainly be doing my best to put my home town on the map throughout the challenge.”


The final charity challenge. I decided over the festive period in 2017 to do one more challenge. I decided to do it for both charities and be similar to my challenges back in 2013 and 2014. This time it would be 18 races in 2018. Originally it was planned to do 12 x 10K races over the and 6 half marathons. With aim to run all the 10K races in under 37 minutes and all the HM in under 80 minutes.

For the challenge I was supported by local property firm Dransfield Properties to ensure I could cover the cost of my races as well as running gear. Dransfield Properties own and manage Fox Valley in Stocksbridge where I’m a regular visitor on my daily training runs around the hills of myhometown.

However, disaster struck before I could kick the challenge off when I got injured just after Christmas and it put me out for nearly two months at the start of 2018. Then the Beast from the East hit meaning a lot of races in early spring were cancelled. At the same time my daughter became seriously ill with a previously diagnosed heart condition in March which meant our whole life was flipped upside down and meant a lot of plans had to change.

The challenge was put on hold till May and then changed to 14 x 10K races and 4 x HM with times changed to sub 37 and sub 85. The challenge finally got off the ground and for first couple of months everything was going to plan then the heatwave struck and mentally I was struggling to deal with my daughters heart condition and the amount of changes to the challenge meant come September it required me to race every weekend and I could not do it anymore. I was on the verge of a break down so I had to admit defeat and end the challenge. At same time I took a break from running and a break from racing that would last 6 months. You can read my challenge ending statement by clicking here.

The challenge races were as follows, with my finish time in brackets:

  • North Lincs HM – Sunday 6th May (84:21)
  • Simplyhealth Great Manchester Run 10K – Sunday 20th May (36:47)
  • ASDA Foundation Hull 10K – Sunday 8th June (35:50)
  • ASDA Foundation York 10K – Sunday 5th August (36:19)
  • City of Salford 10K – Sunday 9th September (36:59)
  • Spen Greenway 10K – Sunday 16th September (36:46)

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