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12ks of Christmas Review

Looking at my first festive virtual run

Welcome to the first review of the Christmas themed virtual runs. I looked at various sites looking at both the medals on offer and the challenges involved. For me the challenge isn’t much of a challenge as most involve the usual cover x distance in your own time. For me I always try and make sure I submit one of my major training sessions of the week, That way I feel like I’ve actually earnt it.

So with that being said, I found a medal themed based on one of my favorite ever Christmas movies, The National Lampoons Christmas Vacation. Better still it was and still is on sale so only cost £6 to enter, a real bargain!!!

Official Description

At MyRace Towers we love Christmas and to quote Clark Griswold, “The most enduring traditions of the season are best enjoyed in the warm embrace of kith and kin. Thith tree ith a thymbol of the thpirit of the Grithwold family Chrithmath.”Clark’s tongue may have been slowly freezing, but we get what he was trying to say – there really is no other time of the year like Christmas and the Christmas tree is a central figure in the perfect festive season. Therefore what better way to celebrate Christmas than the moment when the family tree is chosen. So many things to consider – Dad wants an 7ft tree but Mum says it’s too big. Does it look good from all sides (almost – we can put the flat bit against the wall). Is there a good spread of branches? Have we checked every tree? (yes we have checked every tree – let’s just pick this one and go home). Will it fit in the car? (yes, but you and the kids will have to walk).

Ah Christmas – the most wonderful time of the year.

So to save yourself from some of the madness, why not enter our 12ks of Christmas event – all you have to do is run or walk 12ks over the Christmas period. You can do it all in one go or split it up if you prefer – however you like is fine by us! It is the perfect excuse to leave your Kith and Kin and get a little alone time…

Sign up process
So after picking this one to enter, I set to signing up. The medal as said is based on a Xmas film but the actual virtual race is called 12ks of Christmas and is run by MyRace.  You press enter the race and the race is added to your basket.

Then you head to checkout, If you are a returning customer, simply login and you will have your details stored. If not then you will need fill in your details and shipping address. Plus you can leave any special shipping details. Once you’ve done that carry on with the checkout process and pay via paypal (no sign up required).

You then get an email confirmation with details of your order and this also includes link to submit your evidence, which I found very handy indeed. Now it was just a case of completing my run.

Completing the virtual run/submitting evidence

As it was a Christmas themed medal, I had to run 12ks during the festive season. Now I placed my order on the 19th of November, so I took to social media to ask when the festive season technically started.  I soon got a replay from the MyRace Twitter account, saying their local stores had their decorations up so the festive season had officially started.

I submitted my Sunday 15 mile run that covered the entire 12ks in one go as my evidence. However you could do it over as many days during the festive season as you wanted.

To submit your evidence, complete your run(s) and record on any app you want, I used Strava and took a screenshot of my run and then I used the link provided in my sign up email to upload my evidence. You can also go via website. Simply login, go to orders and click the correct one.

Then upload your image via the page. Once they’ve checked your evidence, you get a follow up email saying;

“Thank you for uploading your run details photo to MyRace – Virtual Racing. Your medal and goody bag has now been sent to you and should be with you very soon.

On behalf of both MyRace and the charities we support, thank you again for taking part in a MyRace virtual race. We will regularly release details of new virtual races, medals & charities, so be sure to find us on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter and stop by often to say hello and stay up to date with all the goings on at MyRace Towers.

You can also enter a monthly draw to win a free MyRace Neck Tube simply by sharing a photo of yourself with your medal on our Facebook page or by tagging us on Instagram or Twitter!

Happy running!

Andy, Tom & Harry”

The medal
The medal arrived in the post two days later. Plus I also got a few extra goodies. A certifcate, a magnet, a pack of Haribo and a Yorkshire Tea Bag. Of all the virtual runs I’ve done, the extra touches means a lot and makes me more likely to use them again in the future.

The medal weighs 200g as is a hefty medal. The actual dimensions are 80mm x 80mm x 5mm and is red enamel metal. The back is plain but the design on front is pressed into the medal and is in white, making it really pop. The design shows the Griswolds station wagon with the tree on top. With a classic quote from the film above and Grisworld Family Christmas below. For fans of the film it’s awesome.

The ribbon is 40mm and is mainly green with a Christmas pattern on it. A bit like a ugly sweater design. With the name of the race and website link on the ribbon. The ribbon really blends well with the medal and makes everything really come together.

Overall Thoughts
I honestly can not find fault. The price was a bonus at £6 but even at standard price it’s well worth it. The website is sleak and uses woocommerce and is very well designed and has a very easy to use interface. I was dead impressed with the fast turn around. It’s always worse part of any virtual run is waiting for your reward. The added things in the package was very welcomed and a nice touch. Then the medal is just the icing on the cake and one of my personal favorites in my collection.

So if you are looking at doing a Christmas themed virtual run then for me this has to be your first port of call. They are also doing special offers in the lead up to Christmas, so please do checkout their other medals. I for one will be signing up for a future challenge.

My Ratings

Difficulty of Challenge

Nice start to Christmas, good price and excellent social media interaction. Highly recommend

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